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2011 Performer Line Up Featuring The Music Of The French Caribbean

Guney Cedeno |

Hail from the beautiful Island of Trinidad and Tobago.Guney started performing at age 6 and won his first competition at age 9 (The Penal Calypso Competition) a competition which he dominated for the next 4 years. Guney entered the Canadian scene in 1994. His first recording was released in 1995 and reached the Caribbean Top 20 Chart.Since then Guney went on to record and released many other hit songs and won numerous awards for his achievements including:
Canadian Ex-Tempo Monarch (1998, 1999 _ 2000)
Miami Int Calypso Monarch (1999)
Canadian Calypso Monarch (2000)
Just to list a few


I-CIENT-CY MAU is a prolific artist that, after listening to the melodies and lyrics to his songs, Will leave you excited, exhilarated, pondering and yearning for the next song and ultimately the next CD. Soon to be one of Jamaica’s Reggae ambassadors, Born and raised in the outmost parts of Jamaica’s ghettos namely Trench Town, and central village in Spanish Ton, I-CIENT-CY is aroused by daily struggles of the masses and inspired and strongly influenced by some of Jamaica’s greatest musical ambassadors. Trench Ton being the catalyst for Reggae music, I-CIENT-CY is heir to that legacy founded by his predecessors has developed the MAU WARRIORS the unique sound accredited to the group.







Wesli | Website | Myspace

In 2009, Radio-Canada crowned Wesli as "Montreal's revelation”. This premier world music artist – also the recipient of a 2010 Babel Med Music France Award and a nomination for a 2009 Canadian Folk Music Award (for solo world music album) - is an incredibly talented singer, guitar player, percussionist, producer and arranger.

Chris combette | Website

Chris Combette has given the Caribbean islands _ Guianas musical scene some of its most sophisticated recordings. The delicate balance of his influences (bossa nova, reggae, calypso, mazurka...) mingle into an original style, illustrated through two earlier albums, "Plein Sud" and "Salambô" which brought him a wide gratefull.  His last album, "La danse de Flore"  is a tribute to his country, French Guiana.

Moses Revolution |

Moses Revolution is a Toronto based professional ensemble with capability to play all types of music specializing in Caribbean rhythms. With influences from the Creole roots of its band members, Moses Revolution is not only able to play the Soca and Reggae for which it is well known but also performs Zouk and other rhythms of the Creole Caribbean.

The root of its music lies in the infectious rhythmic drum patterns seasoned with pulsating bass lines complimented with a solid horn section together with harmonious vocals. We have produced one cd in 2002 which was nominated for the Canadian Reggae Music Awards and also won Yellows the 2002 Canadian Soca Monarch. Our latest addition to the band is Shayne Bailey best known for her monster hit "Leggo meh man"


Curtis B | YouTube

Curtis B is definitely a talented singer and an energetic performing sensation. When it comes to audience appeal and spell binding stage performances he is an individual that should not be under estimated. He might be up and coming but he packs a memorable musical punch.

Born in Trinidad _ Tobago in the small town of Gasparillo, Curtis B started singing in elementary school at the tender age of 9 years old. This paved the way for him to participate in many competitions at an early age and he was always in the winner’s circle.


Prince Koloni and energy Crew | Website | Website

Energy Crew _ Prince Koloni are two acts that have brought credibility and excellence to Guyana’s reggae in  two  distinct styles: Prince Koloni prefers  roots and old school reggae while Energy Crew proposes a more modern type of dancehall reggae.Having already shared stages in Europe and South America, the union of these two Guyanese icons is explosive.Sit back and watch  two  exceptional voices delivering a mix of striking and effective “riddims”!!!







THE BAND EXCEL was launched in 2004, under the name Soniks and is comprised of some of Toronto's finest young talent reflective of Toronto's rich Caribbean culture. With members originating from Trinidad, Guyana, and St. Lucia, this dynamic professional ensemble consists of 4 skilled musicians supporting 4 talented vocalists. Our repertoire is versatile, consisting of classic calypso, chutney, soca, reggae and R_B. We had the pleasure of performing at Ontario Place 2 years ago for Caribana. In addition, the band has also performed at the TD Waterhouse Annual BBQ and several other venues, events and nightspots across Toronto.




Black Out Sound International | Myspace | Twitter | Youtube

Black Out Sound International is a Top a Top Creole sound operating since 11 years in Europe France, the French West Indies and Canada since 2008.The crew is originally from the French West Indian Islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe. They are specialized in the reggae culture foundation. Actually the are leaders in Toulouse, in the south of France and Montreal Canada them popularity gave them opportunity to do many warm up with International artists such as Sizzla Kalonji Junior Kelly Winston Mac Nuff, Earl Chinna Smith, U-Roy _ Pablo Moses. They producing reggae nights with national and international artist such as ,Tiwony, straïka D, Lusdy Mighty Kalimba, Féfé Typical, Jannick Mc





Kyssi Wète | Youtube

From the Paris music scene, Kyssi Wète has fashioned his music by mixing the rhythms and sounds of multiple universes : pop, blues, reggae, ragga, soul, rumba.  Singer, songwriter and performer, his musical universe lives somewhere between France, the Congo and Jamaica.  The classic bass, drums, guitar and keys marries with percussion, brass and vocals.








United Nations In Kompa |

With a plethora of musical tastes and backgrounds ranging from classical to kompa, and other style of music “ U.N.I.K shows no limitations with their writing ability and style. Starting in March 2009 with its members, U.N.I.K had chosen to bring Kompa into the Nations to a different level.









More to come. Check back soon!!



2010 Performers


Beres Hammond | MySpace . YouTube . Website

Beres Hammond He is considered Jamaica’s greatest practicing singer/songwriter and anyone who has listened to his CDs or experienced the fervor elicited by his live performances would undoubtedly agree with that top-ranking assessment. A distinguished artiste with a career expanding over 35 years Beres’ voice, rich and flavorful, creates sounds ranging from sultry R_B, gospel, jazz to roots reggae, maintaining lyrical freshness and vocal excellence.







The Mighty Sparrow | MySpace . YouTube . Website

The Mighty SparrowMighty Sparrow or Birdie (born Slinger Francisco, July 9, 1935, in Grand Roy, Grenada, West Indies) is a calypso singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Known as the "Calypso King of the World," he is one of the most well-known and successful Calypsonians. He has won Trinidad's Carnival Road March competition eight times and has been named Calypso Monarch eleven times.








Crazy | MySpace . YouTube . Website

CrazyEdwin A young AKA CRAZY, a calypsonian from Trinidad _ Tobago, is one of the top performers of Calypso _ Soca music.

He started his professional career in 1972 in the calypso tent "The Original Brigade" and grabbed his audience with a double-entendre The Electrician.

1978 was a successful season with Dustbin Cover and the debut on the stage of National Calypso Monarch where he now is a veteran of this competition.








Bunji Garlin | MySpace . YouTube

Bunji GarlinBoth a composer and performer of  Soca and ragga Soca, Garlin is a prolific lyricist who calls himself the Lyrics King, a title very few would dispute. Ragga is a blend of Soca with Dancehall music, a genre he adopted and made his own during his first years on the music scene. He also sings songs that blend soca with other genres such as Reggae, R_B and Chutney.

Bunji Garlin performs both in his home country and abroad, where he spends the major part of the year after Carnival season ends in Trinidad. His performance reviews are usually glowing, as crowds always respond well to his high-energy performances, as well as his lyrical confidence and eloquence evidenced in his amazing ability to perform freestyle lyrics with an ease which most performers could only aspire to.









Fay-Ann Lyons | MySpace . YouTube

Fay-Ann LyonsBefore becoming a solo artist in 2005 Fay-Ann released many hits while front lining for Soca band Invasion. She also delved in the Ragga Soca field with hits such as Breakaway; Most Wanted That is Carnival, John Quickie and many others and has shown us her melodious side with groovy hits as Wave, The Lyrics King and The Lyon Empress and One Day.

Fay-Ann created history in Trinidad and Tobago Carnival 2009 by becoming the first woman to win the Power Soca title as well as going on to take the Groovy Soca Monarch and the bmobile People's Choice titles with her 2009 Carnival contributions "Heavy T Bumper" and "Meet Super Blue". She then went on to win the 2009 Road March title with her tune 'Meet Super Blue' becoming the first woman to take 4 major titles in a carnival season.









Inner circle | MySpace . YouTube . Website

Inner circleTo anyone who's familiar with the band's 20-year-plus history in the reggae field and their immense popularity around the world-there much more to Inner Circle than what meets the eye. Indeed, this Jamaican-bred, Grammy winning quintet is one of the world's most respected reggae groups with a long string of successes stretching back to the mid-70s. Inner Circle's special brand of pop-oriented Jamaican beats and energy -filled live performances has allowed the band to transcend the traditional reggae niche and enjoy widespread crossover appeal.









Culture ft Kenyatta | MySpace . Website

Culture ft KenyattaKenyatta Hill’s debut single, “Daddy” confronts the emotional pain and uncertainty he felt after the loss of his father, Joseph Hill, the front man of the legendary vocal trio Culture, whose 1977 record “Two Sevens Clash”, helped define the roots reggae genre. In August 2006, while on tour in Germany, Joseph Hill suddenly fell ill and passed away. Rather than cancel the rest of the tour, Kenyatta, who had served as Culture’s sound engineer since the age of fifteen, decided to step in for his father.








Lenya Wilks | YouTube

Lenya WilksLenya Wilks, considered a bonafide vocal powerhouse (just ask mentor Beres Hammond), has been inching towards a music career for years. Since her collision with fame on the televised talent series “Digicel Risings Stars” in 2008, there has been no looking back. And with all the musical treats she is about to serve up, this St. Catherine, Jamaica born singer might help change the music industry.








Curtis B | YouTube

Curtis BCurtis B is definitely a talented singer and an energetic performing sensation. When it comes to audience appeal and spell binding stage performances he is an individual that should not be under estimated. He might be up and coming but he packs a memorable musical punch.

Born in Trinidad _ Tobago in the small town of Gasparillo, Curtis B started singing in elementary school at the tender age of 9 years old. This paved the way for him to participate in many competitions at an early age and he was always in the winner’s circle.








Levitasyon | Web site

LevitasyonLevitasyon (Levitation) is a music group based in the Toronto area who perform French-Creole Caribbean rhythms of Dominica, Haiti, St. Lucia, Guadeloupe _ Martinique! The two main vocalists are Levi Loblack and Paula Letang. Levitasyon has released 2 albums and an Urban Award nominated song entitled Mesaj An Boutey (Message In A Bottle).







Colourquest | MySpace . Web site

ColourquestYou can describe the bands music as an infectious blend of Soca, Reggae and R_B music. Colour Quest prides itself on putting on a great performance each time out. They will certainly leave you wanting more. To enter the world of "Colour Quest" is to take a journey through love, joy and peace through music. Come experience the journey.








Doc Higgins

Doc HigginsDoc Higgins has been singing and writing thoughtful and topical songs for many years. He performs with his acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars sprinkled with harmonica lines, and he brings along his Les Paul for some clean, mellow, solid-body sounds. Doc's songs are mostly folk with roots, jazz, blues, and popular influences. His insightful reflections on being human in a personal and global context are expressed through melodies and musical styles that leave the listener with a memorable sense of having experienced his message. In September 2010, Doc will release his new CD entitled "Strange Highs and Water Eyes" with tracks including "Wish Life Again", "Find Another Way", and "Song For The People Of Haiti".








Larry Christopher

Larry ChristopherLawrence Christopher, was born October 1957, and is a Chef by trade . For the last 30 years he has been between cooking and raising a family. An inspired artist he is ready to showcase his musical skill set at the Barrie Caribfest local and proud on Aug 13th.









TooooniceHailing from the silver sands of Wasaga Beach and Lake Simcoe, TooNice is the brain-child of John Touchette (vox and guitar), Cheryl Morris (Vox), Chris Penney (Bass), Eric Skoglund (keys, Trumpet and Sax) and Ryan Chasmer (Sticks and skins). Initially conceived in 2008, Toonice has grown into an unruly and unstoppable movement to ‘Unite’ the world as one. Influenced by the sweet rhythmic sounds of the Caribbean Islands and the rich, politically charged Ska of Los Angeles and London, TooNice is largely exemplifies a diverse incorporating elements of Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, The Dixie Cups, The Melodians, and Peter Tosh; and contemporary artists such as Sublime, Slightly Stoopid and Bedouin Soundclash.








Mount Zion Fellowship Choir

Mount Zion Fellowship ChoirThe Mount Zion Fellowship Choir is a vibrant and charismatic group of young people from the Greater Toronto Area focused on conveying songs that speak to God as both salvation and consolation. This group’s passion in delivering this message by blending hard-hitting traditional gospel with a contemporary flare, has platform them to reach both an adult and youth audience. Such conviction and excitement as presented by this group, has heightened their soulful renditions of mainstream gospel to that of traditional hymns. This 20 voice choir and 3 member band ranging from 18 to 35 years of age, strives to add an eclectic and unique spin to gospel music so that it reaches beyond the confines of this particular musical genre. This versatility has aided in the longevity and success of this group.









DemoDEMO is a Barrie based band with an eclectic taste in music. Branson Mifsud (guitar), Gabe Beneteau (bass), Andrew Vanbodegom (vocals), Isaac (vocals), Sam Ruttan (drums) and Emily (vocals) all lend their unique talents and personalities to both original and cover music. Demo’s goal is to be heard all around the world

You can check out Demo’s facebook page at facebook.com/demo band.








Block Work

Block WorkCo-Founded by Homie J in 2006 spending a lot of time jumping into studios recording music, they started releasing songs through the internet and local media. Block Work started receiving a lot of positive feedback and performed in shows around Barrie and the GTA. Homie J and Newsense started to build a buzz they got to work on there first mixtape as a team “Make Tha Block Work Vol.1”.August 2009.









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